Resilient, shared and healthy. The agriculture we have been promoting for over 20 years.


Supporting WWOOF Italy means giving concrete support to agroecology and the people who practice it in order to safeguard the planet in a good environmental and energy balance.

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You can make a donation by Postal Account no. 12421558 in the name of WWOOF Italia Association.

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Thanks to your donation we can continue our activities. Yours will be a concrete contribution to restart. In the right direction.

We promote sustainable agricultural experiences in the field

We connect people in search of lifestyles in harmony with nature to offer them opportunities for direct experiences on farms that practice agroecology.

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We support environmental sustainability and solidarity-based economy

We participate in territorial networks and support non-profit organisations and projects that have an impact on the local economy and environmental protection.

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Facilitating exchange and dissemination in natural agriculture

We organise local meetings, informational and training days to promote the exchange of experiences and the dissemination of sustainable agricultural practices.

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Only for persons residing in Italy:

It is possible to support us by allocating 5 per thousand of the IRPEF.
With a simple signature you can contribute to the projects of WWOOF Italy committed to the development of a world in harmony with Nature.

How to destinate il 5 per thousand?

Individuals can indicate in their tax return, the tax code 92067640497 of WWOOF Italia APS and thus allocate 5 per thousand of their taxes for membership activities managed directly by WWOOF Italia.

Where to indicate your choice

The taxpayer can allocate the 5 per thousand of his or her personal income tax (Irpef), by signing one of the five special boxes that appear on the declaration models (Modello Unico PF, Model 730, or a special form attached to the CUD for all those who are exempt from the obligation to submit the declaration) specially prepared for non-profit organizations for social utility, by inserting in the space below the tax code of the association: 92067640497 .